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    The Best How to Play Slingo Guide

    Slingo is an exciting hybrid game combining bingo with slots. To win prizes in Slingo, match numbers on a slot reel with those on a bingo card to create lines or patterns and achieve victory!

    As you play Slingo, various power-ups may help you complete more patterns and score higher scores. One such power-up, Golden Slingo tokens, award instant small wins while also serving to mark off numbers on the grid. Let’s get into how to play Slingo!


    Slingo is an innovative casino classic that blends slots and bingo together into a single hybrid game, which quickly gained in popularity upon its first introduction in 1994 as an hybrid version. Gameplay mimics online slot machines; however, instead of symbols the reels contain numbers instead. Players’ goal should be to fill their gamecard before its spin counter reaches zero so as to receive their prize award from Slingo’s prize pool.

    Although each game offers different themes and features, their core mechanics remain the same: Players must complete lines and patterns on a grid that resembles bingo card before marking off numbers as they appear on spinning slot reels – the more lines or patterns completed, the higher their potential payout will be.

    Many Slingo games feature bonus rounds that provide additional opportunities to win prizes and move up the bonus ladder, providing additional chances to increase potential winnings and enhance strategy. It is wise to make use of these special features whenever possible and employ them wisely; doing so could give you an edge against your rivals.

    Some Slingo games feature unique symbols to increase your winnings. Examples of such special symbols are the Wild Joker and Super Joker, which allow you to select any number on a column or across the entire board; others increase odds of success, such as Free Spin symbols; others even let you choose specific numbers or spaces on the game board!

    Though Slingo may appear complex at first, its mechanics are actually straightforward and enjoyable to play. There are a few tips and tricks you should keep in mind, such as knowing your limits, setting strict budgets, and taking frequent breaks during play to remain focused and stay on target with the game. Furthermore, it may be beneficial to experiment with various games and strategies before selecting one as your preferred solution.


    Prior to beginning to play slingo for real, be sure to familiarise yourself with its rules and tips, which may help increase chances of victory and provide for a pleasurable gaming experience!

    Slingo is played on a five by five grid of numbers and involves marking off called numbers to make lines. What sets it apart from traditional bingo is its number-drawing mechanism: each spin of one of slingo’s small reels beneath the grid produces numbers which match those in its respective column on the grid and any matches are marked off automatically. Some versions even feature power-ups like joker symbols that allow you to mark off any consecutive number in succession or super jokers which allow you to mark any number anywhere across its grid!

    Every time you mark off a line vertically, horizontally, or diagonally you win Slingo points that can later be exchanged for cash prizes. Furthermore, certain Slingo games even offer bonus rounds that offer additional prizes when certain patterns are completed.

    Although Slingo is mostly a game of luck, you can increase your odds of success with three key strategies. First, select a site with an excellent Return-to-Player Percentage (RTP), which will maximize winnings from bankroll. Second, play responsibly by sticking to a budget and not chasing losses. Finally, refrain from purchasing extra spins close to victory as doing so may undermine strategy and result in negative variance variances.

    Last, it’s essential to understand how the house edge of slingo affects your bottom line. Slingo offers an average house edge of 17% – lower than traditional casinos but higher than online ones; though this may not seem significant at first, keep this information in mind for future reference.


    Slingo combines two of the most beloved online casino games – bingo and slots – into one exciting gaming experience. Although this game primarily relies on chance, certain strategies may increase your odds of victory such as saving multipliers until the end of a game to increase points output from multipliers.

    Slingo games provide more than just standard numbers – they also display various symbols on the reels such as jokers, gold coins, super jokers and free spins to add excitement to each round of play. Each of these extras can have various effects on your score: jokers allow you to mark any number in their column above them; gold coins offer instant cash prizes based on stake; free spins add additional rounds without cost; while if you’re lucky enough to land one of the devil symbols it will prevent that number from ever being marked again for rest of game play! If landed devil symbol it will prevent that number being marked off the grid from ever being marked again.

    Slingo challenges players to complete their game card within 20 spins by marking off all numbers visible on it, marking all that come into view within that time. Each time you spin, random numbers will appear on your gamecard; if you manage to mark all 20 numbers within that period of time within your stake, if successful they’ll award you prizes according to stake level; the more numbers marked off, the higher up the prize ladder you climb!

    If you don’t make it to the top of the prize ladder, you’ll be offered an option to buy into a bonus game at increased prizes compared to your initial bet – making more Slingos possible than before! But be warned; bonus games always carry some risk. When choosing them it is wiser to play responsibly.

    Slingo differs from traditional bingo in several ways. First of all, its pace of play is faster while it uses a unique scoring system; nevertheless it remains an enjoyable option for players looking for a unique gaming experience. The main aim of Slingo is creating five marked-off numbers in any combination along a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal row – it can be both rewarding and fun but chances of winning may be limited depending on prize pool availability.


    Slingo is an exciting combination of bingo and slot machines, creating an absorbing gameplay that has quickly gained the favor of both bingo enthusiasts and slot-game enthusiasts alike. No matter if you choose classic or one of its variations – there are some basic strategies that can increase your odds of success and help increase chances of big prizes being won!

    Slingo differs from traditional bingo in that players don’t need to mark numbers off a grid; rather, the game rewards you with wins calculated based on how much you accumulate over time. Each victory earns you “game points,” with more earned leading you toward higher-up prize ladder prizes.

    Players begin by spinning a wheel to reveal symbols on the reels that correspond with those found on a 25-square grid screen – depending on which variant you select, these may be horizontal, vertical or diagonal numbers. You also have the option to purchase additional turns at a cost depending on how close they are to completing their card.

    Slingo games often include bonus items beyond regular symbols, including jokers and super jokers that can help speed up gameplay by marking off any number in their row above them more quickly. They can also act as blockers on the reel, preventing the player from marking off any numbers they would normally attempt to mark off. Furthermore, devils act as blocking mechanisms preventing any of their numbers being marked off during gameplay.

    Although most slingo games adhere to the classic formula, some versions offer unique features and characters to increase excitement of gameplay. Slingo Deluxe provides additional features like devil symbol marking off any number on the board and friend joker rewarding you with coins; additionally there are 16 achievement stamps you can collect to increase your odds of earning jackpot prizes.

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